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Thursday, August 4, 2016

Travelogue Art Junk Journal, part 1

Hello my friends,
Today I am sharing 1st video from the series of videos devoted to making an art junk journal, which is the travelogue about my trip to Japan.
More I am working on it, more wonderful memories coming back to me and I am starting to miss Japan, my dear friends Irina and Phoebe, all interesting people that I met while traveling....
Almost home sick type of feeling.
But getting back to the craft aspect of this project...
Because I am such a slow crafter and almost always not finishing my projects, I decided that working on this project as a series, will be perfect pace for me and I will be able to share it with my followers, who asked to share processes on how I am working on my projects.
In this video I am sharing my thought process on how I was collecting "junk", what caught my eye and why. How I am organizing all that "junk" and preparing my working area for this project.
Hope you can join me on this craft journey and enjoy it with me.
Tight hugs, Natasha

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