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Friday, August 5, 2016

Travelogue Art Junk Journal, part 2

Hello there, how are you doing today? Hope everything is going well..
Today I am bringing you 1st day of my travels to Japan (in two parts). That day started very early and ended very late evening on the next day... Yey, you heard me right, NEXT DAY... I was traveling for two solid days... OMG!
You will ask me how in the world it is possible? The answer is very simple - when you are travelling east you are loosing one calendar day. LOL, got ya! In all my travel time was somewhat around 20-24 hours, which is pretty normal when you are traveling from one continent to another.
Luckily for me I collected enough of "junk" to put together, almost 7 pages. Woo-hoo! More junk!
Well, I happened to make several art journal pages before this trip even took place in anticipation of amazing journey.
But before I will share those with you, I would like to mention that Day 1 of my "Travelogue Art Junk Journal" was split into two parts (for time saving purpose, knowing that people don't have so much of free time on their hands to watch long videos).
On that note, I have a question on "style" of the video that I am recording. Would you like me to go over each day reading all notes and little saying while I am sharing the story of my trip or you would like to see a speed up video of process with pictures and subtitles along the way?
Thank you for your input!
OK, lets get crackalacking and start with Day 1, part 1.
As I said I had few art pages done way before the trip. My inspiration for art/junk journaling are several YT channels: PackerDi, Dede Willingham, Shannon Green, Sugar.
Here is my first art journal page
I used LV suitcases image and huge diamante watch from magazine cutouts and mixed frase "The Fit List" all highlighted with black marker. After I added a little printed saying by Susan Heller about travelling and Oh, boy! is it so true.... "When preparing to travel, lay out all your clothes and all your money. Then take half the clothes and twice the money." Just love how this page came out.
Second art page is a two pages spread: "East meets West" & "Summer destination". That shabby outdoors few is just amazing
 On first part of it I added Chinese bride (I know.... I couldn't find anything Japanese at that point) and sprinkle diamonds around the page... Any girl, Russian, American, Chinese or Japanese, would LOVE some diamonds...
and "Summer Destination" frase was so appropriate for upcoming trip.
Just love art journaling!!!!!!! Now it is time to JUNK it all out!
Here where my "junk" coming in with the story in hand writing under "keep this as a claim check" luggage tickets. To find out what is the story - watch the video below. Xo-xo-xo!

next page was spiced with receipts, airplane tickets and tiny ME... FUN!

 of course, my NOT love to Dunkin Donuts coffee shines even here...

 another spread of the pages showing pictures of me in airport, that I decorated with washi and Yes, coloring page that I took with me on the airplane to kill time while getting stock in the sit for 10 hours... Ha-ha-ha!
Pss... You should hear what Irina had to say about it....
On that note I will say bye and see ya in the next post "Travelogue Art Junk Journal, part 3", which will tell you the rest of the story on day one of my travelling...
See YA!

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