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Friday, August 5, 2016

Travelogue Art Junk Journal, part 3

Hey there, are you already back?
I guess you liked what you saw in 1st part of day one of my "Travelogue Art Junk Journal, part 2"
Let's get going...
 we finished with that page in previous part: on the left you see page that I was coloring while in the flight and you can see a napkin that was turned into pocket by adhering washi tape all the way on the bottom, where I can stick more pictures or memorabilia.
here I am squeezed into my upgraded sit with the nice view on the wing of the aircraft that was taking me all the  way from LA through Vancouver to Tokyo, Japan. I used: airplain tickets, pictures, suitcase travel tag, my journal handwritten travelogue and lots of fun sayings about traveling. Adding travel related stickers and fun colorful gel pen writing, makes this page into adorable journal.
 well, screen shots of our aircraft flight path makes this journal into true travelogue art junk journal and custom form on Japanese has story behind it (you are welcome to watch video about it) 
handwritten note on original currency exchange form expressing my feelings and first impression of foreign land.

why not to use back of the form for a journaling spot? of course I will and even more... make it interactable using see through and framed picture elements. By attaching brochure that you have picked up along the way, you can mark your departure and arrival time and reciept just making it more precise.
  how about little travel saying by Rudyard Kipling and hand written notes on first impressions...
 that picture was taken on my arrival to JR Utsunomiya Station where I was stock, while awaiting for girls to pick me up. Yep, after 20 hours and thousands of miles traveling I got stranded in the middle of Japan (there is story about that in the video as well).
 my sarcasm about that situation well represented on these pages
But all is well, that ends well and my first day of travelling came to an end: girls picked me up and brought home, fed and put to bed...

 I even had a chance to upload my videos....
By the way if you missed my video travelogue "Travelogue First Time in Japan"
volume 1volume 2volume 3 - all devoted to the first day of traveling.
Check those out, so much fun!
See you next time....

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