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Thursday, October 13, 2016

Paper Tassel Charm Tutorial

Hello my dear friends,
Today I want to share with you my first ever paper tassels.
I saw many wonderful crafters making those and never could see the beauty or originality of those until now.
Paper tassel is fun, fast and pretty project, especially if you can personalize it or turn it into a charm.
What a pretty and functional handmade gift it can be.
You need very basic supplies for making those:
- scraps of paper or fabric (depending which material you like to work with); my paper piece measures 7 1/2 (this measurement is the length of your tassel, so you can adjust it) by 2 inches;
- washi tape;
- adhesive: hot glue or glossy accents or any paper glue;
- basic jewelry making kit: pliers/cutters, chain piece, few beads, couple charms, bead caps, wire or eye pin, clasp and connector wrings.
I did my research on YT and selected my the most favorite tutorial on how to make a tassel and followed it to a tea. You are welcome to do so or watch recording of process of me making tassel down below.
Here are few pictures on finished product...

Enjoy the video and making those!!!
Pss... it is very addicting... don't tell me later, that I didn't worn you!
tight hugs, Natasha

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