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Saturday, October 15, 2016

Crafty Gift Presentation Idea, simple shaker embelliushment tutorial

Hello my dear friends.
I recently worked on several projects and was "forced" to come up with some sort of packaging idea/gift presentation.
Well, while I designed my packaging, I recorded it for you..
There is nothing really new about that gift presentation or gifts for that matter. But it all came out so darling, so I thought, maybe you would like to see it and hopefully it will trigger your own crafty imagination.
The idea of something inexpensive, but handmade is so close to many of us.
How about these few items?
As you can see, the secret is to keep whole ensemble in the same or similar shades of color.
 Wrap everything into glittered pillow box that was embellished with basic none fused shaker element (mind you, its not finished, in order recipient to apply it to her/his needs) with beautiful ruffled rosette. I think this color combo of gold and turquoise is just divine...
 Ok, now to the handmade items: how about displayed on the card stock handmade paper tassel charm. So pretty. I used slightly different shade of bluish turquoise, gold in metals and few blue beads. That kind of broke/shaded our basic color tones into something more dimensional. Don't you think?
 Adorable greeting card of 3 by 3 inch format with volume background and adorable banner across + cutest volume embossed envelope with tiny rosette as a closer.
 you can specify your greeting card with choice of greetings that are attached inside of your card with washi tape...
Well, that is it...
I hope you like it and will watch my no fuse tool shaker embellishment process video.
Have a good one!
Xo-Xo-Xo, Natasha

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