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Monday, January 30, 2017

Recycling packaging/Gift presentation for embellishments

Well, well, well...
It's me again!!!!!!!
I of course forgot to take a picture in a shipping rush...
But the idea of recycling stuff is always on my mind... I am trying to use stuff that's around me and give it a second life...
So I took Michael's embellishments packaging and decorated it a bit and used it for my tiny embellishments presentation/packaging...
Just don't though away wrapping and packaging, you can use it....
But so not to turn into hoarder... there is a tip...
Dedicate one draw for recycling packaging and if next cute packaging doesn't fit - though it away (or replace it by emptying your draw)...
Enjoy the process...
Hugs, Natasha

Tiny Embellishments/Altered Button & Bottle Cap

Hello my friends,
Today I would like to share with you Tiny Embellishments that I created as a gift for "Sweet Treats" swap at Loaded Envelope Galore on FB.
I took a button from my stash and couple NSK bottle caps, cotton lacefloral berry spray + tulle + instead of mint blue spray you can use this one from NSK
For shimmer on all projects I use: HelmarV2 Vellum Adhesive Spray & Martha Steward fine glitter.
I recorded the process, so you can see how I put those together..
Mean while lets see how those look
                            These are button are bottle cap                   Altered button

 Layers on this metal bottle cap are: 
- button
- beaded floral spray
- floral spray
- tulle bow
- butterfly

 Layers on this metal bottle cap are:
- bottle cap
- 1" paper circle
- cotton lace
- floral spray
- beaded floral spray
- button
- punched out hearts & butterfly

 Layers on this flatten metal bottle cap are:
- flatten bottle cap
- punched out hearts & sequins, micro beads
- layer of glossy accents
- Martha Stewart fine glitter
I hope you enjoyed this post and will check out my video.
Have a great day,
XO-XO-XO, Natasha
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Saturday, January 28, 2017

Shaker Envelope Card

This project was created as a video respond for Donna Little January Back to Crafting Challenge Giveaway 2017
Challenge requirements:
1) You must be a subscriber
2) You must create any new project of your choosing that features at least two of the following elements: Laces, doilies, pearls, or sequins
I created a Shaker Envelope card using lace and sequins

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

My Valentine gift box

As I said in previous post before we are going to move to Loaded Envelope itself I would like to explore My Valentine gift box
This part of the project wasn't recorded, but I did briefly go over each element in the video
The heart shape box itself came for the digital kit called "My Valentine" from KSP with Luisa (it is third from the left in first row image, which you can print of 8.5 by 11 inch paper at home).

with the image of the heart shape box you will be printing a bow that you can assemble and use on the box itself or in any part of your project (designer thought out details of this collection: no wasted space & universal usage even though it has a valentine's day elements)
Plus this collection has heart shape greeting cards (third from the left in second row image) and unique envelopes (look under words "My Valentine") that fit into out hear shape box and can hold those greeting cards...
How unique and handy is that??? Very clever!!!!
So I took an advantage of those smarticle elements of the collection and used those

I printed out three envelopes:
- one is holding decorative tags ( that also come as separate sheet from this digital collection)
 I created a belly band using NSK cotton lace and topped it with Recollections decorative flower

- the other two envelopes I decorated with a doily layover and a hand made bow
inside I put cut outs from this digital collection 
But there are few more elements in this Valentine Gift Box
I took two clear Project Life envelopes/files with gold printed inserts and connected those with tussle from my stash and woven heart embellishment that I will be talking in details in the future posts

 Mean while I took two paper doilies and cut outs of pre printed sweet treat images and came up with
Decorated doilies embellishments:
Here is the first doily... I used image of ice- cream cone on the background; cupcake is on the pop up dot; I tucked mesh tulle under cupcake
 on top of the cupcake image I places word "enjoy" from Project Life collection and tiny ribbon bow
 so, altered doily goes inside the sleeve, just like that....
 on the back I decided to decorate doily with gold die cut (from my stash) & another chocolate appetizer....
 Chocolate is our friend.....

and because the chocolate is an EPIC treat I used that gold stenciled file/insert (which came with clear PL files)... I am already getting hungry - ARE YOU?

 But wait, its not it yet...
I made another altered doily... Which is yummy as well

 Isn't it so French? Macaroons and stuff.... LOL Of course "bonjour" is the word I would insert
Here few more pictures of both elements connected by tussle

and woven heart

And so it is, and such its done and loaded into My Valentine gift box....
But wait, Its topped with ice cream....
 0 calories, no sugar or gluten, none GMO.... I will take my time to share with you a recipe for that one later on.....
Hugs and Kisses,

Sweet Treats/ Loaded Envelope - Embellishments

Hello my friends....
Finally I can share with you my multi, multi project - "Sweet Treats" Loaded Envelope.
I signed up for a one on one swap at Loaded Envelope Galore on FB and was partnered with Christy, who is Twinz4me2 on YT
I am going to share with you each element of this multi project in individual posts and videos...
So stay tuned...
For now I will start with tiny embellishments and extra gifts that I included with Loaded Envelope.
I will proceed in order of the video:
1st Panel of tiny embellishments
with the altered bottle caps on the back
2nd Altered paper clips and gift presentation

3rd Bone shape Gift box (my partner has pets - I had to include sweet treats for them)
I created my own template, which you can find here & follow the video tutorial on how to assemble it
4th Macaroon Gift Box from NSK loaded with craft supplies from NSK

5th My Valentine gift box with ice-cream and altered envelopes and doily embellishments

6th Snail mail/envelope/Flipbook

So those are the little gifts that I made in addition to loaded envelope that will be coming up in following posts...
I would like to devote next post to detailed exploring of #5 My Valentine gift box, because it has lots of fun goodies