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Monday, August 29, 2011

Boy Kit is here

Boy page was inspired by one author’s work which was very much alike. I found it quite some time ago online, printed the image and put it away for better times. I could not find the right paper and the most important thing – a right theme.
But everything moving and changing in this world… On one of the crops I found the striped paper, and it happened to be My Mind’s Eye Lost and Found collection… Now I knew where and what to look for… That is the first part of the story…
I was shooting the video for my web store Tips and Tricks page about creating a background with Tim Holtz distressed inks for the beginners using freezer paper and hair blow drier (It’s the letter part of the layout)… After creating the background and the tutorial video I realized that that piece of paper by itself is nothing, and I need to create something special with it…Here where two pieces of this story falls together… I remembered that great page I have seen such a long time ago…
And now here it is my creation...

Boy page

I posted page on in my gallery, and surprisingly got such a wave of comments on it, so I decided to gather together those papers, which is very hard to find now, and put together a kit for you...


Boy kit made for creating one 12*12inch page layout in vintage style with single photo. A layered distressed and torn paper gives this layout antique and unforgiving esoteric look. Flowers, eyelash yarn, sparkly ribbon and dramatic black feather lighten this layout and blending the heavy tones of the paper with your sepia color picture, envelope with falling out letter from past times.
2 – 12*12 My Mind’s Eye papers
1 - 12*6 My Mind’s Eye papers
1 – Cardstock with envelope
3 – Eyelash pieces of yarn
1 – White ribbon
4 – Mini rose’s from Recollections
1 – Feather

The Envelope and cardstock are blank.
You can find the tutorial on how to stamp the cardstock on my website under Tips and Tricks.

Also I can make one for you as a special order, just contact me via email.
Enjoy it, and Thank you for looking!!!

Boy kit



Very cute 5 ½*5 ½ mini album was created with white paper bags, decorated with beautiful Teresa Collins Chic Bebe Boy paper collection and some light embellishments like tulles, gems, blue rose’s and bungle of ribbons. I named it Memories because it’s very warm and cozy when you are holding it in your hands. You would want to keep your best memories in this beautiful mini album full of handmade touches. Because of the calendar in it you can collect and store your memorabilia by month, and you have 14 pages plus 4 insert pages and 4 pockets to do that. Each Month sheet glued as a mini pocket just in 4 corners, so you can slide in your picture under it.
The inspiration came from the Teresa Collins's paper collection... The crowns, polka dots, and my favorite light blue color that all just clicked in my mind, and here it is lovely Memories mini book.


It will make a nice gift to a mother of new born baby, for kids Birthday, or your new pet, even as a life story for your friends, parents, grandparents. Keep in mind that you have two rows with weight and height to feel up each month! You think it’s a problem? Here some ideas for you… That could be turned into a joke, or record keeping (for example: weight - could be better, and height – taller on my wallet or with the high hills on). You can turn it into your personal journaling or your dieting records tracker. If you are giving it as a gift to elders, you can use those rows to describe how much they are important to you (for example: weight – treasure you as never before, and height – my role model or super star).
I hope you are going to enjoy mini Memories as much as I had pleasure to create it for you!
There is one kit available on my web


1 – 12*12 calendar page
1 – Mini Book with punched eyelets
16 – 4 ½*5 ¼ colored cardstock
6 – 4 ½*3 colored cardstock
1 – 3 ½*4 ¼ colored cardstock
2 – Decorative printed cardstock
1 – Crown die cut
1 – Memories die cut
3 – Flowers
4 – Tab dies
Ribbons, gems, pop up dots
Enjoy it!
P.S. I would recommend using 3*3 inch prints for main pages, and for the inserts – 4*4 inch photos.
Memories kit

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Once Upon a Time

Once upon a time is gorgeous 2 page layout for 3 to 4 pictures…

Once upon a time

It was created with beautiful Teresa Collins Chic Bebe Boy and My Mind’s Eye vintage paper collections with Dusty Attic Dress Form chippies… Light embellishments of tulles, gems, pearls and light blue roses gives you that airy feeling for this tow pages…
The inspiration came from the Teresa Collins's paper collection... The crowns, polka dots, and my favorite light blue color that all just clicked in my mind…
Layer, another layer, distresses edge…


Maybe some tulle (love tulles bows), little pretty flower, gems…

PICT0011a element 1
Once upon a time is too long for 12*12 pages, and I want it to be mated…What can I do? Idea – fold, glue it and cover the edge with purls ribbon…

PICT0011a element 2
Something is quiet not right… Thankfully I’ve been at the Vero Beach crop ( and the Dusty Attic table with their amazing chippies was right there…


This, maybe that, or what about this beautiful discovery - Dress Form chippie… That’s what I need! I can paint it with silver crackle paint top it with black distress inks, wrap it into tulle, and put the jewelry on it – Ha!

PICT0012a element 4
Oh! I have one show stamp! Cute, but I want to have a pair… Hm! Home work! Stamp, scan, vectorize the image for my Pazzles, double it, die cut, paint, stamp – and your shows are ready…

How about make the picture mat to pop-up from the pages? 3D dot is a perfect solution…

PICT0012a element 3
Love those wavy purls curving the picture mat. But without a bow and a little flower it doesn’t make any sense.
And here it is! My creation is ready for you!


Kit includes:
2 – 12*12 inch papers
7 – Different sizes precut picture paper mats
9 – Tulles
8 – Gems
3 – Pieces of string pearls
2 – Flowers
2 – Die cuts
3D dots

Enjoy it!
You can buy one premade 2 page layout and 2 kits on!
Once upon a time kit
Once upon a time

Friday, August 26, 2011

Scrap That Chat: Welcome to the Scrap That! Exclusive Pion Design “...

Scrap That Chat: Welcome to the Scrap That! Exclusive Pion Design “...: (How’s that for a mouthful!) First stop on your “hop” is this blog, so if you are here you are in the right place!  We have TWELVE BEAUTIFU...

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Create a Background

Create a Background copy
Create a Background is 1st video from series Learn as We Go copy

You can go on www copy

For this project I was using copy
Tim Holtz Stamps
Distress Inks
You don copy
Boy page
You might want to put on your Wish List copy
Visit me at copy
Thank you for watching copy
Boy kit

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Canvas Book

PICT0017a by Natalia Cantwell
PICT0017a, a photo by Natalia Cantwell on Flickr.

Create unique Canvas Book for any theme: journaling, girl's album, generation's book, traveling or summer vacation.
What could be more fun than have all your pictures, journaling and memorabilia put together nicely into notebook kind album with tabed pages.
Your book of treasures includes:
2- 6*8 1/2 boards - covered entirely and snugly with premium canvas
6- tab pages
12- 5 1/2*8 1/2 colored cardstock
9- diy cuts flowers (or 1 sheet punch flowers)
5- flowers
9 - ribbons 18 inch each
1- butterfly
12 - buttons
2 - pinch tab
2 - eyelets
2 - binding rings
This summer set will inspire your creation the minute you’ll take it into your hands. Hard canvas covers, textured colorful paper, unique tab page dividers, matching your paper, funky embellishments that’s all will put you into good mood and tickle the buds of your creativity.
Enjoy! Thanks for looking!

Canvas Book kit