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Saturday, November 26, 2011

Winter Angel

Hello there....
Thanksgiving just passed and we are looking into three wonderful weeks of Christmas preparations. Having all family together at home is such a blest! I enjoy it very much even we all are doing our own stuff... Hm! I am thinking, that I might need to use this moment for some help?!
Better get into the attic and get those Christmas lights down before it's too late...
I happened to be shopping at open house party of good friend on mine Adriana. It was her 11th anniversary with Creative Memories, and she desided to celebrate it this way. So I got a bunch of cool stuff from her.
Winter addition 12 by 12 inches papers caught my eye. Such a beautiful papers, gorgeous print. But unfortunately she had just 2 sets... So, here is my creation...
Winter Angel Kit
Winter Angel Kit
Love how this kit came out! The background paper makes all the difference.
Winter Angel page 1
Love this Gold Angel, what a pretty thing... Another important element are the mats for the pictures. The size of the printed mat is 6.5 by 4.5 inches, so you don't need to worry about cutting down your picture. I like to use eyelash yarns and tulles in my creations, just think its adding that extra funky look to it. Happened to have a jar of Recollections flowers with ice like sprinkles on it. And of course Spellbinders dies for tags and title frame.
Winter Angel page 2
The second page has more floral embellishments, some tulle, tag, and die cut journaling mat. But my favorite element here is cream paper lace done with the punch.
I hope you like my creation!
Thank you for stopping by! Happy Holidays!
Winter Angel Kit
Your kit includes:
2 - 12 by 12 inches CM Winter addition paper
4 - 6.5 by 4.5 inches printed picture mats
4 - 6 3/4 by 4 3/4 inches cream color mats
2 - cream color paper lace
4 - die cut embellishments
2 - stickers
1 - Winter die cut
4 - pop up dots
1 - gold string
3 - paper flowers
2 - wood flowers
1 - white flower branch
2 - tulles
1 - gold Angel
3 - 19 inches white eyelash yarn
Enjoy it! Happy Holidays!

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Saturday, November 19, 2011

Tattered Angels Box

I needed some sort of box for my new 6 by 6 inches Thanksgiving and Christmas Cards. Something nice and very easy to do... Because as always it's last minute project for me....
So I went and got me scoring board, white heavy sheet of 11 by 8.5 inches cardstock and started on it.
Scoring and making a box wasn't a problem, and I was done with that part pretty soon.
So what I had on my deck - it was white unfriendly, but very sturdy box. My cards were at home now.
But having such cute cards in such a not nice box was unacceptable...
I looked around my room, looked on the clock (it was pass midnight again), and Ta-Da!
My eye felt on my new wall storage and a little basket with new Tattered Angels sprays in it...
Suddenly it's done on me; I just bought a Christmas stencil at the Wal-Mart. didn’t know then why am I buying it. Seems like a good idea at that time!
Hm! I don't have a square of open area on my deck, and spraying it's a messy deal anyway.
You need to commit to nuzzle, that what TA educator Stacey De Wid was suggesting on here last class in FLA...
Where in.... I am going to commit to it? Ta-Da!
How about outside... All sprinklers are on in the neighborhood, so whatever I am going to spray would be washed away immediately!
Couple trips to the garage to get some working gloves, and full commitment to the spray. One, two, and three!!!
Yay-yay! Paper towels!!!! Hurry up to the kitchen!!! - That wasn't good idea! Because now I have spills of TA on my carpet (it’s a big No-no!), and the door, which is fixable and wipe able.
But now I have the cutes box ever...

TA box 7
TA box 6
Isn't it cute?

I left it along through the night to dry. Remember the paper towel? I left it dry out as well...

Next morning...
It was already around 11 am and I needed to finish my card stand boxes.
First thing first. Whoes creations is it? Mine! Yep! TA box 5
I die cut my business card as a tag, added a tulle and mounted it on the boxes with pop up dots...
TA box 8
for this project I was using TA Icicle Blue, LED Red, Cadillac Pink sprays.

Something still not right about those boxes.
Couple minutes and Ta-Da! Idea! Tim Holtz Alterations Tattered Flowers Die for my paper towel... I used two sheets of towels scored in between. So I folded it to the size of die, ran it through Vagabond and my pile of flowers appeared...
From there it was just a matter of my imagination...

TA box 4
TA box 3
TA box 2
TA box 1

Hope you enjoyed this few minutes on my Blog!
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Friday, November 4, 2011

Halloween in Wonderland Album

This is just crazy! How long it can take you to write a post about your project… Seem like a while...
Here it is my last touch in my Halloween in Wonderland Collection the top icing on my cake Halloween in Wonderland Album.
The cutest thing ever…
Halloween in Wonderland book
Finishing touch...
10.29.2011, Port St. Lucie crop (5)
Love, Love, Love this book. The idea came from one of the Pine Cone idea books.
10.29.2011, Port St. Lucie crop (4)
Halloween in Wonderland book
The first page is done with the newspaper like cardstock from Halloween in Wonderland Graphic 45 collection. I used Glossy Accents on cut out Alice, antd pop her image up with some glue dots.
Love the layers in this book, very different...
Halloween in Wonderland book
Third, 4th, and 5th pages layered the way, so you can see some of it for a more interesting look
Halloween in Wonderland book
6th page made with large pocket for your tags. And the tags are pretty big, so you can feet picture and some journaling...
Halloween in Wonderland book
Love this page... Just because it's Funky...
Halloween in Wonderland book
Last page of the album... Came out so nice, look at all the details on it...
Halloween in Wonderland book
And my proud mistake... back cover...
Halloween in Wonderland book
Why mistake? Look carefully at the lower part... There was no paper left any more, and I punched out the escalope punch for my Halloween Banner. So the idea was to make it look like a whole, and I had a stamp The End with a little Bunny running away. So I guessed that is would be very appropriate for the finishing touch....

Thank you for visiting! Happy Holidays!
Halloween in Wonderland Album

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