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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Self made storage for Stickles. Organizing tips

What a wonderful day is today. Love when everything is taking place so smooth and on time...

I have allot of unfinished projects and almost no free time to finish it. How about you?

Well from now on I am going to finish at list one project from my stash a month and will see how it's going to work...
If you want to join me on this journey and post you responds on you upcoming progress I would be more than glad to host that challenge.
I started to organize my shop long time ago. There are so many solutions on how to and about...
Sometimes it's pricy... For example Tim Holtz trinket and cargo cases. Love it, but pricy and I think it is going to take allot of storage space. I am not sure about that, but maybe someday I will purchase those... Wish list... Ha-ha!
When I went through my supplies I found myself buying the same colors of stickles and have about 3 to 4 bottles of the same color. There are two ways to look at this PROBLEM:
- I have a specific taste in colors (helpful to know)
- I never going to use so much stickles.
Keeping a track of what you have is very handy.
I decided to go with Tim Holtz tags and create a sample tag for every ink, mist, stickle, etc I have.
Just want to let you know - starting organizing process is going to be time consuming. So be patient and make a big window in your schedule for that. Been in good mood for that type of work helps as well.
New purchases are going to be much easier to add to your sample tags. Just do it right the way...
But how and where are you going to store those types of products?
For portable and very inexpensive stickles storage I came up with this solution...
Here you can see my Stickles packed into Ziploc bags on the trays and color sample tags with names.
It is very comfortable way to store your supplies and take it with you, if you are traveling.
I am going to show you how to make a tray for your stickles.
That's what you need for this project...
Scor Pal board, Trimmer, Glue, 2 sheets of 8.5 by 11 inches 110 lb cardstock, quart ziploc bag.
Just want to let you know that at the very end there is step by step video tutorial on how to make tray.
Take your 8.5 by 11 inches cardstock
and cut it on 5.5 inch along the 11 inch side. Finished size of the paper is going to be 5.5 by 11 inches

Take your 5.5 by 11 inches cardstock and score it on the width of you bottle (why am I saying that, because stickle glue bottles are slightly larger than Ranger stickles.

For a Ranger Stickle score 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7-10

Flip your paper over and score on each other 1/2 inch (for stickle glue I would recommend to go with 3/4 inch+3/4 inch for a tab size): 1 inch been scored on the other side (it is a tray surface for a stickle bottle), score on 1 1/2 inch (from 1 to 2 - is your tab), keep scoring on 3 1/2, 5 1/2, 7 1/2, 9 1/2.
The formula for you scoring is width of you bottle, two width of your tab, width of your bottle, two width of your tab and so on... And you will have something like that...
Glue the tabs together...
The size of glued paper piece will not be long enough to feel your entire Ziploc bag...

So use your left over of the paper 3 1/2 by 11 inches and another 2 by 11 inch stripe from second piece of cardstock, cutting those in half. You will have two pieces 3 1/2 by 5 1/2 inches and two - 2 by 5 1/2 inches...
Score those pieces using the formula and add it to both sides of your tray in such order: first attach scored 3 1/2 by 5 1/2 inch piece, second and the last one would be 2 by 5 1/2 inch piece with the tab side on the outside of your tray...

Repeat for an opposite side of the tray...
Take second piece of cardstock (you already used it for 2 by 11 inch stripe) and cut another  2 by 11 inch stripe. Trim it on the length of your tray and score creating a tab (look for the formula)...

Now you have your tray with three sides covered with tabs and one open side...
Tip: decorate the back side of it with nice paper.
Slide your tray into Ziploc bag...
Tip: glue Ziploc bottom opening (watch the video for more info on that tip).
Before you'll place your Stickles inside make a samples on your tag...

Take a few minutes to watch a video...

Thank you for stopping by! Have a wonderful day!

Monday, March 26, 2012

Happy Easter Side Step Card

Hello my dear friends!
I am very glad to see you at my blog again.
You cannot even imagine a pleasure I am experiencing knowing that that week so many people visited my blog, read or just looked through it briefly. That means allot to me. And I want to take a minute to THANK YOU!
Now to my last day creation Happy Easter card.
I was searching for Easter design card. You have seen those side step cards many times. I even had the template of it precut a scored. But you know the deal with us scrap bookers – we are everything but organized people, at list I am. So I just could not find it…
The inspiration came from Craftdoc blog
They had step by step instructions and you can check it out through the link.
When I saw the measurements it was easy to make your own.
Here is my Happy Easter version of side step card. I had so much fun making it.

Here some details on that card….

And you might say...Bo, she even didn’t shoot the pictures with instructions… Happy to disappoint you! I did not shoot any pictures while I was working on it – I was so into process it slipped my mind.

But I did better than pictures – I shoot the video tutorial for you. So now, if you would like to have my company – you can turn it on at any time of night and day and I will be there working with you on your Side Step Card.
Hugs & Kisses, Natasha

or follow this link for video tutorial
Thank you for stopping by!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Easel Cards, Magnolia, Spellbinders

Do you ever finding yourself asking the same question over and over again.... How in .... they did it?

Well, you are not along... I am one of those people who want to see with my own eyes and no written instructions can help (could be the language barrier)...

Any way...

About a year ago I started to chase Magnolia stamps. Love their cute little images. Than I found myself learning how to color with Copic markers... Still enjoying the educational process...

Once I came across Magnolia magazine. I was impressed by precise instructions on each project they printed there. People in Europe are willing to work hard for been published in that magazine. And I am telling you they deserve it. Creations and ideas are just breath taken...

So, I saw one fold up card and it was so nicely displayed, but I didn't even dear to think about making something like that, complex... My thought on that was "Maybe some day..."

Glad to say, this day came... and it's today.

I just love, love, love to make these EASEL CARDS...

The Green card was made for my mom's Birthday a nd was send out to Russia. Still didn't get there, so I didn't hear about it from my mom...
The lilac card was created as an example for my Ustream workshop.
Here some close ups on both cards:

Easel Lilac Card you can buy at my store.

For crafty once I made several card kits for both of these cards. You can find it at my store as well:

Easel Green Card Kit
Easel Lilac Card Kit

Thank you for stopping by!
Please leave your comments. It's such a pleasure to know what other people think about your work!
Pin it, Facebook it, etc.
Thank you very much!
P.S. spear couple hours for my video tutorial on Easel Cards
Have a wonderful day!
Hugs, Natasha

Thursday, March 8, 2012

International Women's Day

How it's celebrated around the globe
International Women’s Day has served for more than a century now as a day to honor the achievements of women globally.

Observed on March 8, the kaleidoscope of IWD celebrations share a common thread of celebrating progress. IWD was first celebrated in 1911 in four European countries, which held rallies drawing thousands of supporters. Until the 1970s, the day was largely recognized in Europe, but the significance of the day began expanding after 1975, when the United Nations made March 8 the official date. IWD has been used to draw awareness to everything from voting rights to women and AIDS, and in some locales is cause for showering mothers, daughters, sisters, and wives with candy and cards.

From a colorful Google Doodle on Google's search page, which replaces the first 'g' with the universal symbol for female, to conferences on ending domestic violence, here is a small sampling of the many ways the day is being celebrated worldwide.

Традиция дарить женщинам подарки существовала еще в Древнем Риме. В женский день матроны (свободно рожденные женщины), состоящие в браке, получали от своих мужей подарки, были окружены любовью и вниманием. Изначально международный женский день был политическим праздником, связанным с идеей объединения женщин всего мира в борьбе за полное равноправие с мужчинами, выдвинутой Кларой Цеткин. Современное празднование Женского дня уже не имеет цели утверждения равенства, а считается днем весны и внимания к женщине.

Почему спешат мужчины?
Отчего им в марте жарко?
Закрутились, вот причина!
Дарят лучшие подарки!
Розы дарят, и конфеты.
Альпенголд и «Рафаэлло»
... Выбирать мужчинам это
Очень хлопотное дело!
Карта банковская может
Разом все решить вопросы.
Угодить жене не просто!
Дорогие дамы, поздравляю вас с днём 8 Марта!

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

YouTube Card-Spiration with roxyfur

Card by NatashaScrapbooKorner
Card, a photo by NatashaScrapbooKorner on Flickr.
This is fun stuff... Roxyfur opened this wonderful Card-Spiration challenge, where you need to find your inspiration anywhere for the card, show it and create something similar or not...
How cool is that! Love to be a part of it, just have one wish to have more time and follow her along with my creations... Sorry to say...I think it's going to be my only one Card-Spiration.....
Anyway, let me walk you through...
My inspiration came from one of the cards that I found on Pinterest Clever card by Jenyfur - it could be one for the boys......

The cutest thing ever right?
When I saw it just clicked “I know what I am doing!”

I bought this CTMH stamp set at one of the craft shows. Loved it the minute I saw it… Ok.
Its D1423 Happy Forever animal, outdoor, travel My Acrylix decorative stamps of 4 cutest hag hogs…
The only fear that was stopping me to play with it earlier was dissuasion on how to color it… “Black and White version would be ok”, that’s what I was telling myself…
Finely, all stars lined out just perfect and here is my creation.
I used Copic 0, C1, 2, 3, 5; E000, 00, 40, 42; B00, 02; R000, 29
I hope you like it!

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