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Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Phantom Haunted House - Explosion Box

Yes, I did it!
Explosion box was on my "Want To Do" list for a long time now. Finally I dared to approach it.
 For this project I used Phantom by Pink Paislee paper kit, the same one as for the Phantom Halloween 3 D Card.
This project came out absolutely adorable, keeping in mind a decoration idea of smashed in the wall witch.

Stage 1.
For the template on this project I just did some search on YT and found the tutorial I like, because there are so many of those available. Then I perused a Pinterest for Halloween ideas and funny thing I started my project from inside.
After creating three layers of my explosion box (which is basically 12*12 inch; 11.75*11.75 inch; 11.5*11.5 inch papers with cut out 4*4 inch corners) I started on miniature piece in the center
I had so much fun with new NSK miniatures so this project was a breeze

 Stage 2.
At first I placed my furniture around. Out of all pieces that you see above I decided to go with Clock and a Chair. Clock took my attention... Surprise to me the door was opening.. Immediately I grabbed some of Recollection Halloween sticky tape from my stash and adhered inside the tower. That gave magical look and some mystery to a clock. Then I placed a 3D mouse inside: good thing - it was tall enough to pick through the door opening; bad thing - the door wouldn't close. So I cut mouses tail and adhered it on the side of the cabinet, almost like the tail was cut off by the door. That just made me so happy!!! wearied right? no what I like about such moments that surprisingly and unexpectedly effects falls in and project starting to take a shape. So the style of my project was decided and sealed right in there - it must be a funny, joke like project with lots of cranky elements.
I altered back of the clock case using KSP "Nevermore Bottlecap & Domino Art Collage" and crochet lace from NSK
came out so adorable - almost looks like the wall of the corridor in some old house with damask the wall paper and bottom rail. That bat image was absolutely in correct place... LOVE it!
So After placing Clock and a Chair I adhered it with E 6000 and glossy accents to each other and to the floor.
Now dilemma was about what to put into open space between furniture and under the chair. Something was missing. Luckily for me I was Skyping with my crafty friend Rosanne (Roxycar11 on YT) and she was working with the same Phantom kit. She was making a real size witch hat. It was coming out absolutely adorable. By the way go and check out her video " Witches Hat". So I asked Rosanne if it would be OK to create "Mini Me" - mini copy of her hat, and she agreed. So she walked me through on how to make one (I just needed to figure out the size - so it would look proportional with my miniature - it took a couple templates). And here it is..

I put a mini mouse inside of the hat, like it ate a whole. and decorated around using some NSK paper & fabric flowers.
With the chair decoration I used Rosanne's idea of the book stack. Using scraps of papers I created few and adhered those one to each other stacking under the chair. And of course there is another mouse...
In all inside miniature composition turned out absolutely adorable..
Stage 3.
After that I moved on surprise to outside of the project. I needed to decide how my box will be looking closed. What and how I should use to alter the outside of the explosion box.
I have Haunted House foam die cut in my store for sale, so those came out absolutely handy. And if you are purchasing, you are getting two, so it was absolutely perfect. So I secured those on both sides on front and back of my Haunted House to be. Decision was made again. It will be a Haunted House!
After adhering one foam house to the lid of explosion box I realized that I need to work on smashed in to the wall witch element.. Ta-da! Those moments driving me nuts. How silly of me to use a permanent adhesive!! But I worked it out. And I recorded my steps, so there will be another post on my blog and a video. So for now I will move on..

Stage 4.
I went back and started a decoration of inside flaps of explosion box. And those were very easy to do, because you have to keep in mind that recipient will be using it for pictures. So you need only few elements on those pages. Take a look what I came up with....
I used gifted to me Halloween cameo, art tiles images from KSP, tags from my stash, stickers and metal bottle cap with feathers and mesh.

Stage 5.
After I was done with filling in inside of explosion box I found out that when its closed the layers of paper bulging out, because the decoration on inside was so 3D. I needed to come up with solution to unfortunate problem. Luckily for me I have few MS punches with Halloween theme and one of it is a fence. Perfect! So I punched out two strips of black paper fence and secured it under foam Haunted house die cuts.
Now it was all put together solid and I can start on the most fun part - DECORATION.
Stage 6.
Altering haunted house was the most fun part of all. I used embellishments from NSK. You just have to check it all out other way I will be here forever posting the links to all elements..
Take a look how my finished project came out..
and closer to the main part of it - roof of the Haunted House
Here the picture of few embellishments that I was using in decoration of this project..
I had so much fun..
Stay tuned for the video on that project and next post about how I created cracked house effect.

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Phantom Halloween 3D Card

Wow, Halloween just around the corner. Time just flies by.
I was working on explosion box using Phantom by PinkPaslee kit and when I was almost done with it my mojo was interrupted  by so many things that can take place in life..
So when I cleared my deck and put in front of me unfinished project I was still searching for something.. Do you ever have that filling that something is just not right and all ideas that flies in your head are just wrong??? That was one of those...
I had just few papers left, so I couldn't do anything grandiose. I was thinking a card earlier and supplies confirmed it... But what kind of card? I want something special and interesting, unique if you will.
On top of that the person who the explosion box was going to have a BD right the day before Halloween, so I wanted that card be some what Birthday card or at list girly..
Have no idea how I stumbled on that idea, but suddenly I wanted to do a SCULL card....
Alright Google Search be ready here I come! What did people do earlier with out Google? have no idea..
I found very cute girly image of scull

isn't she the cutest???
I ran it through my Adobe and printed myself a template. Grabbed some black card stock, folded it in half, layered the template on top and cut out the shape leaving one piece on the folded side uncut.
 And creation began...
I pulled some papers and scraps that I had, traced elements of scull and fussy cut those, creating paper pieces card... If that only would be it... People who knows me would say - No don't buying into it! Natasha can't do just simple things... True, true..
Ok,  take a look what I came up with

Isn't she GORGEOUS? OMG, this card is so stinking cute!
I used layer of clear transparent frame out of kit to put it over the card and create dimensional or at list vision of dimensional project. For some reason when you need some ideas on how to .. and stuff - you seems just can't find anything, so I was forced to use my imagination and creativity.
This transparent frame looks like this

So I cut the top part and alcohol ink the clear edge. Then I adhered using Vellum Spray Adhesive face part of scull (funny wordage face of scull) on top of the transparency sheet and attached it at the right top corner of the card.
But before that I placed cut outs of bones and a bow on the top layer of the card and if you will lift up transparency sheet you will understand how I did it.
As I said I secured see through sheet in the right top corner of the card by placing cluster of flowers
 I used some fabulous paper flowers in red, small green and yellow flowers, ceramic calla lilies were gifted to me by Irina, little purple bling and some black in gold pearl string that I had in my stash for a long time.
For the background of this cluster I created Tim Holtz rosette  and used smaller one to balance out the card
 as well I added cut outs of scull eyes and nose and placed those on the back of the card as you see here.
Card opens up on the corner of the bow. So I added some plainer paper to inside in case if the recipient would like to wright something down (I do not like to wright in my cards for some reason)

Just added 3D stickers and a bling for sparkle...

In all I am very pleased how this card came out. So Halloweeny and Happy Birthday LIKE!
Thank you for stopping by, checking out my blog, commenting or thinking to comment but forgetting to do so!
Stay tuned for Explosion Box project - it came out absolutely sweet, but it is another day story..
Have a nice day, see you next time!
Hugs, Natasha

Friday, October 17, 2014

You are missed Card

In loving memory of a friend that tragically passed away in a car excitement I created that card and sent it out to the family for the memorial display and to show how much she touched my heart.
In Loving Memory of Genny (TheGenLin on YT)
I used Russian papers that were gifted to me by my friend Irina (ThePassionForCraft)

some embellishments from Natasha'ScrapbooKorner on Zibbet

plus Recollection embellishments as well

here are closer pictures of elements on this card
I used Michael's picture frame in purple and gesso it to dull the tone of the color. In top left corner I used one of NSK wooden butterflies and WOC flowers from my stash.

In the left bottom corner I layered Tu-Tu flower with Michael's flower, topped it with altered bottle cap and Recollection button secure it all on the side by adhering WOC paper flowers and tucked under neath tulle.
I used clear alpha stickers to spell You are missed for saying. Normally I would print it on paper or tag or use the rub-on or stamp, but I didn't have anything matching what I was trying to say and I already adhered the paper to the main card stock.
Here is another view where you can see sparkle on the bottom - I used glitter on gesso on Vellum Spray adhesive. and I did it by spraying here and there adhesive and sprinkling glitter on top of it. This spray holds stuff like that very well.
As well you can see how I layered Tu-Tu flower, bottle cap and Recollection embellishments. The wheat sprays are from NSK shop as well.

Couple more pictures from the side. After i was done embellishing this card I dipped paint brush into Gesso and just tabbed it along all elements.
 Inside of the card I left plane, just a paper that I distressed and inked on the edges
 and added small wooden element at the bottom...

 Miss you Genny!

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Molds DIY!

My store has lots of different molds to play with. Here are few of them

and here what you can make with those...

How fun is that???
I will post here two videos that YT crafters came up with

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