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Saturday, May 6, 2017

DIY Motion Wobble Spring Scrapbooking Effect Process Tutorial

Hello my friends..
As I promised, I am returning to share a process of creating a Motion Wobble Spring Scrapbooking Effect, which you can use in any craft project.
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So how to make a DIY Motion Wobble Spring effect?
You are going to need:
- the same image printed twice (one or both cut out)
- copper wire (I used 24 gauge)
- pliers or TH scissors
- 1 inch cardboard circles or squares (shape doesn't matter as long as it can fit under your cut out images)
- scotch or washi tape, maybe glue
- pen or pencil
The idea of wobble is to lift up secondary image and make it shake/move/wobble
1. Take pencil or pen and wrap wire around it twice (I like mine be): half wrap; full wrap and another half wrap (you kind of getting 2 wraps in total). Snip/cut wrapped wire from the rest of the wire spool. Take it off the pen/pencil.
2. Attach one end of your springing wire piece to the 1" circle with the tape, placing it in the center of the circle.
3. Repeat the same to the other end of your stringed wire piece.
Now you should have a sandwich: paper circle, wire spring, paper circle....
- you want to see a straight column sandwich while you are attaching your spring ends to the paper circles;
- try not to squeeze/flatten your wire spring while attaching it to the paper circles

Now its time to attached your DIY motion wobble spring to the image.

4. How to position your DIY motion wobble spring:
- find the center of your image (I used the second cut out image). Place your image on the pencil/pen and let it balance (like you see people walking the high wire in circus, they are balancing, so do the same for your cut out image). Mark the center of your image on the back. That would be the same mark for your bottom/second image.
5. Attaching DIY motion wobble spring to the image:
- cut 1 inch slit in the bottom image (that is laying face up) in the marked center and feed one side of your DIY spring paper circle through. Secure fed circle on the back of your image with tape or glue You should have pierced bottom image, that has your DIY wobbling spring sticking out of it some where in the center;
- take the other wobbling end of your DIY spring and attach it to the second cut out image on the marked center of it, on the back.
At this point you should have both of your images facing up in a sandwich manner with the DIY motion wobble spring in between those:
- bottom image has pierced through spring on top of it
- second image covers the second 1 inch circle directly above bottom pierced image

For more details , please watch this video below... I am sharing more tips along the way...
Thank you for stopping by and spending some time with me...
Hugs, Natasha

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