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Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Health Uppdate, Haul, Scam, Challenge, Happy New Year all in one

Please take a cup of tea or coffee and spend some time with me.
Menu for fast forwarding (but the idea will be lost):
1. Update on my health till 1:29
2. Petco haul till 5:00
3. Scam story till 26:31
4. Challenge: "Thank you my favorite store....(name of your fav store)" starting at 28:47
You have to send a Thank you RAK to the owner of your favorite store. It could be online store or local store.
Record the video of your RAK naming it "Thank you my favorite" and PM me the link to that video.
In your RAK include:
- make a card (include your information: name, YT channel)
- somewhere must have a phrase "Thank you my fav store"
- sweet gift (candy, chocolate, cookies) P.S. I like dark chocolate Lint is one of my fav brands
- everything else is up to you: you can do a project, you can sent some crafty goods - what ever you can think of.
Challenge will be open from January 1st till February 10th. Winner will be announced on my channel on February 14th.
Winning will be a $25 gift certificate to NSK.
5. Happy New Year greetings starting at 44:48
Thank you for watching, commenting and subscribing!
Hugs, Natasha

Monday, December 22, 2014

A Tiny Treasures Christmas Tilda Bug

Hello hello!
Today I am bringing another Tilda Bug sewing project.. Just love those bugs, absolutely adorable!
Well take a look for yourself..

Alright that bug was created as one of few items that we decided to make as a swap between NSK design team members..
We had a choice of doll or animal. Our partner choose a color for us to work with. So I am creating something for Irina (ThePassinForCraft). She likes green and she wanted a Bug. So here she is a cute green little bug with a handmade with love sign on her bally..

Each of our projects should have wings, and my bug sure enough has some wings..

I created those using some natural color fabric and wrapped it with lace and attached it with Helmar 450 and decorated with bows and heart buttons which will be in the store in January.
Here she is my wonderful Lady Bug..
Have a good one everybody!

Sunday, December 21, 2014

12 Days of Christmas Even from NSK

Cappuccino Crinkle Cookies Baking

Well today was "let bake some cookies day"
I made few different once, always love baking and specially cookies. My whole family just love those.
So my favorite cookies of the Christmas Season are Cappuccino Crinkle Cookies. Absolutely love those!!!!
Here is the ingredients:
Cappuccino Crinkle Cookies
Makes about 4 dozen
½ cup butter
6 (1 oz) squares semisweet chocolate, chopped
1 cup sugar
3 large eggs
1 ½ teaspoons vanilla extract
2 ½ cups all-purpose flour
1 cup Swiss mocha sweetened coffee drink mix, divided
1 ½ teaspoons baking powder
¼ teaspoon salt

1 (12 oz) package miniature semisweet chocolate morsels
For the process,p lease watch the video below..
Here how those cookies look

I wish you can try those....
Well I baked some sugar cookies...
And some oatmeal cookies with chocolate chips, walnut and resin
Bon Appetit!

Saturday, December 20, 2014

30 min Centerpiece Floral Arrangement

Hello my crafty friends..
Are you all ready for Christmas holidays?? Shopping done, cards sent out, Christmas Tree decorated, cookies baked, gifts wrapped.. I can continua - list is quiet big...
Alright I will not stress you out with all this VERY IMPORTANT question...
I am finishing my house decoration and the last touch is floral centerpiece for my Christmas table.
I purchased that floral arrangement long time ago and loved it so much, so I kept it year after year refreshing it with new stuff. The idea is just simply brilliant, very elegant and extremely fast to make..
For your craft supplies you need to watch  tutorial (sorry) :( - if I will be blogging on top of making something and recording videos - I might need to postponed all holidays in my house..
So you need any dish, few floral arrangement from any craft store, candle and fresh flower of your liking..
Here how this decorative vase looks w/o flowers...

How if you will add real flowers into it - you will have a 4D effect

And you need only 30 minutes to finish this project!
Happy Holidays everyone!

Friday, December 19, 2014

Twas the Night Before Christmas Bow Card in the Box

Hello my crafty friends!
Happy Holidays to you and your families!
I made this Easel Bow card almost the same way as I made one for my mom a while ago. But for this one I just added a few extra touches and I think it came out so adorable!!!!
Lets take a closer look...
I cut out a holly leaf banner and few images out of G45 Twas the Night Before Christmas paper collection and tuck those here and there around the window die cut. I used Flower Soft to create a snow effect all the way around the window. As well as I high lighted berries with glittered glue.

Lets take a 360 look of this card...

This Easel card stands up, so you have to make the back side look beautiful as well, just in case recipient will decide to display it. So I created a secret pocket with tag and message inside...
You can see that card stands on top of the box. I traced the template of that box from one of the old candy boxes, cut it out it from G45 paper line and put together as shown on these pictures...
So now lets take a look on details and layers of this card...
I used floral and winter die cuts to create swirls in between bow layers. Edge of the bows was decorated with trims and laces from NSK.

On the inside card looks much simpler

 But because card needs to stand up I had to put swirly die cut reinforced with bow lace and a wooden puppy embellishment that will create a stopper or border.
Here few more pictures that might show it in more details....
And we can finish conversation about this card with candies, right?!..

Ha there is always but with me...
This card was suppose to travel far over seas, so I created a box for it.
For the base I took one of the finish Nestle Ice Cream boxes and covered it with papers, of course distressing the edges and stuff....
Before I adhered the papers I covered all corners of this box with candy striped washy tape from my stash. So if paper will not cover all openings   it will look nicely any way.
On the edges you can see I used postcards from this collection all the way around the box adhering those with pop up dots.  That was the front..
Now side view...

and the back side looks like that..

So now lets get to the top of this box...

Basically it looks like this..
The main image I choose a page with Santa..
I glossy accented and soft flowered few elements of his adorable outfit including few gifts in his bag.
As for the corners I used post stamps from the same paper collection that were distressed and mounted on the 3D pop dots on all 4 corners of this box. 
And above Santa I put a banner on the twine using pop dots as well....

Here few decorative elements that I used...

cut outs, glossy accents and glitter glue...
So box came out very cute and pretty fast, because of variety of decorative images that comes in each G45 paper collection.

So what a wonderful and personal gift you can make for your friends and family just using this paper collection and few laces from you stash!!!
Happy Holidays everyone!

Joe Bonamassa's Concert not crafty

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Christmas Gift from Luisa Diaz

Tilda Christmas Ornament

Hello my friends!
Holidays are coming up and everywhere you go you can see a holiday spirit and decorations. Love this time of the year!
I was attending a local crop and in December we are having a very special crop - Christmas one!
We are cooking our favorite dishes and exchanging gifts.

And of course crafting!!!
I manages to make couple Tilda Christmas ornaments and those were gifted away right there: one went to my sister Paula and second went into gift exchange along with Michael's gift card.
The story right?... With me there is always a story..
After finishing my ornaments (which I needed to go back home for extra supplies) I decided that I can try to record the video of my finished project on my phone (which I never done) and try to upload later on that day...
So I went into hole way to be away from loud crafting crowd, got my fabrics, magazine and a feather flower for a nice decorative background and started my recording...
On the first 10 seconds take I needed to stop it because some loud dude came into hole way and starting talking to the ladies in the next room in a very loud tone of voice....
So after waiting on his "speech and promo for his place of work (some food restaurant)". I started a new recording. It was brief couple of minutes, but hey for me couple of minutes is a record on speedy gonzales work. Because usually I LOVE to talk and my vids are just " a bit to long".
Alright the lighting wasn't that great, but I managed... Did  several pictures and pleased with myself went back to join my friends.
Had absolutely fabulous time: lots of laughter, good dishes and deserts.
I got a tower of chocolate for a Christmas gift - love it!

  So here are my ornaments that I made...

One ornament is smaller and one larger. I created those using: some pink fabric from my stash, lace and beaded tulle from Jo-Anns; seam binding and ribbons from NSK; feathers and beads from my personal stash.
Here you can see two different sides of ornaments: one covered with heavy lace fabric and another with beaded tulle.
  Few beads on the top of the ornament decorated with bows and ribbons.

 And beads on the bottom of the ornament that connects lacy tail with the ornament.
Here those ornaments again:
 Smaller one with feather tail..
Larger one with beautiful bows and ribbons...
Alright, do you think the story ends here? Ha-ha-ha! Of course NOT!
I came home around 11:00 pm and realized that I forgot iron at the crop, luckely for me someone picked it up... Oph, great!
So I decided to unpack, so the next morning I could start doing something else (too much on my plate now). Well, who needs fogy pictures and why would I upload those?? Then erase and on and on..
Delete everything right the way from your phone!!! Brilliant idea! OR NOT!!!
Along with my fogy pictures here my video went out of the window....
REMEMBER, your smart phone doesn't have a TRASH!!!
Deleted files are removed and to recover those - you need to install a recovery program for $40..
No thank you!
So that fight went till hm, I would say1:30 AM!!!!! Hello!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Yep...I quit, too frustrating!!!!
Next morning I decided that the world will not disappear if I will do just a slide show.. Brilliant!!!!
Here what I came up with, enjoy!